CDR Generator functionality in telecom applications

Mediation is process of formatting and decoding binary files from switch to understandable values adopted for certain billing system. For example you need one kind of Mediation module for connection Nokia switch and Single view billing system, and another to connect Ericsson switch and BSCS billing system. Also mediation modules are different for different service, for example mediation of voice must to have big accuracy because there are expensive roaming and international call, until mediation of data do not need so much functionality.

Good Mediation module has lot of usefull attributes, 1. Filtering, Filtering is very pragmatic skill in well designed telecom system on mediation level because than is no need for involving billing system and fulfill with trash
2. Aggregation of log calls. Telecom switch sends CDRs to billing systems on example for every 15 minutes. Sometimes mediation module need to aggregate long calls of 1 hour duratiopn from 4-5 CDRs in only one record and after that send them to rating level.
3. Duplication mean, checking on mediation level are some record produced twice or more time form network switch.
4. Advanced mediation modules have sophisticated functions like auditing, very large diapason of decoding compatibilities, report creation, error analyzer.

So input files on mediation level are binary records produces from switch side, and output is call detail records in TXT or CSV file designed for further processing.


All that facts are described here, because in development and testing purpose sometimes you can not get data from switch and/or mediation module. In older telecom billing systems testers must create them manually. For fast work automatically creation of CDR-s is possible from software device well known CDR generator.

Before we explain and define CDR Generator we will define CDR or EDR. CDR or Call Detail Record is common abbreviation in telecommunication system that refers to the record with info about some call. EDR is abbreviation of Event data record. For example, some customer is activated and event is created in EDR. record.

In telecommunications systems switch is mechanism which established connection, communication chanel, between A party and B party. Switch is very complex mechanism, and is produced from little number of vendors: Siemens, Motorola, Ericsson etc. One telco operator in country with several milions people has only one swith. More on link:

CDR generator for development or testing purpose subsitute the switch. CDR generator produce often txt file with data of event, voice call, fax, data, sms, time of starting call, duration, IMSI, MSISDN, volume of date atc.

For example
you can on only few clicks produce cdr file with randomly different type of events between randomly involved customers, with different volumes, duration, start date and etc. Very useful tool, you can test it for free very soon!


Here we will beter define one more term. From wikipedia A Call Detail Record (CDR) is the computer record produced by a telephone exchange containing details of a call that passed through it. It is the automated equivalent of the paper toll tickets that were written and timed by operators for long distance calls in a manual telephone exchange.

A Call Detail/Data Record contains at a minimum the following fields: The number making the call (A number), MSISDN, A party
The number receiving the call (B number), B party
Date when the call started (date and time)
How long the call was (duration in second od volume in KB)
Call Type and Sub Type(0-Voice, A-SMS etc), For example, international is Type, from fix to mobile is Sub Type

And lot of other information not necessarily required for billing the call may be included and this format is different from vendor to vendor of switch.